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Samambo Housing has the vision to address the country’s imbalance in housing development through the development of cost-effective residential homes for mixed-income households. Our model will focus on building quality and practical homes at the lowest possible cost to make them affordable to as many people as possible.  We are dedicated to providing quality homes to Kenyans while creating jobs in the economy. The improvement of undeveloped land and buildings almost always creates surplus-value.  Our real estate development services include:

Construction Project Management

Our project management team takes care of the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from the beginning to completion. We aim at meeting the client’s requirement to produce a functionally and finically viable project.

Building Design and Renovation

We assemble the best design team suitable for our clients’ development needs. These include architectural, engineering and technical team.

Interior Design & Refurbishment

We coordinate and manage interior design and refurbishment projects. Our design team shapes the experience of your interior space through creative delivery of projects.

Physical Planning

We have a team of planning experts that assist us in our physical planning needs and those of our clients in Land survey, Topographical survey, Subdivision schemes & Environmental impact assessments.