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Whether you are an established developer or an individual property owner, pinpointing an effective commercial real estate marketing plan can be confusing especially in his digital edge. When faced with an abundance of different marketing practices it can be very easy to lose focus on core goals by spreading your marketing plan too thin. We at Samambo Housing are aware of key methods that when collectively combined impart the right message. These methods will help your property stand out from the crowd and outshine competitors, driving customers to a swift decision, and you toward maximizing your profit potential.

The company offers property marketing services through various mediums which include;

Print Collateral: We designing high-end print collateral such as a glossy brochure, flyers, research and other marketing materials that tell prospective customers the right story about your commercial real estate property. Where possible we recommend the design should be adaptable for digital use.

Real Estate Agents Events: we stage a memorable networking event at the property that will enable you to connect directly with prospective customers and brokers within the environment of the product you are promoting.

Print Media: It always pays to build brand awareness and maintain a strong and active presence in major newspapers and industry-specific magazines.

Digital Marketing: With so many online marketing strategies out there it can be difficult to separate the wood from the trees when it comes to planning a rewarding online campaign. We assist you in establishing a highly visible online presence. We have put together a stellar online marketing formula for this competitive marketplace.

Website Development: We can a custom build property portal that allows users to find, view and interact with key information at the click of a button. With almost 80% of investors and tenants starting their search online, it’s imperative our website not only looks good but also can be found. Websites need to be visual, informative and user-friendly for any device (desktop, tablet and mobile).

Email Campaigns: We ensure the content speaks to the customer you specifically want to target. We include information about the property as well as relevant industry updates and link it back to our website and social media pages.


Needs Analysis: We analyze the buyer’s wants and needs and help them get a clear picture of his/her ideal home.

Pre-qualification/Pre-Approval: We guide the buyer on a suitable financing plan. Introduce them to a mortgage/loan officer and help in the pre-qualification or pre-approval.

Neighbourhood Information: We create a detailed neighbourhood search profile and provide a list of target neighbourhood and information for each buyer.

Home Search: We organize and schedule a home search and provide ongoing updates, drive-bys and showings of available homes.

Make an Offer: We compare homes and help the buyer make a decision, advise the buyer on issues of the contract and filling up a purchase contract/offer letter.

Negotiating to Buy: We present the offer and negotiate on the buyer’s behalf.

Vendor Coordination: We advise and supervise vendor selection and coordinate vendor services.

Pre-close Preparation: We coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting.

Closing: We preview closing documents and resolve last-minute issues. Complete the transaction.

Post – Closing: We coordinate the move in and assist in post-closing issues.


Needs Analysis: We help clarify motivating reasons to sell, determine the seller’s time table.

Pricing Strategy: We determine the best selling price strategy based on the current market conditions and prepare a resulting net sheet.

Property Preparation: We advise on repairs & improvements and provide staging strategies.

Marketing Strategy: We develop a marketing plan and establish a marketing time table.

Receive an Offer: We help evaluate an offer.

Negotiating to Sell: We negotiate on counteroffers and advise on final terms and conditions.

Sell: We prepare the post-contract work list and advise on repairs and vendor services.

Pre-Close preparation: We coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting.

Closing: We review closing documents, resolve last-minute items and complete transactions.

Post-Closing: We coordinate the move and assist in post-closing issues.


The land is the starting point of all real estate ventures. We liaise with the top survey and legal affiliates in the city to make sure that all the conveyancing issues are clear before embarking on any development. Site location planning and land inventory are just some of the base services offered to our esteemed landowners. Other services include;

  • Cadastral boundary re-establishment survey which includes dispute resolution.
  • Cadastral subdivision survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Aerial Survey and mapping
  • Engineering survey for developers.
  • Valuation


Listing: We list your property in our portal and market it widely to get clients for you

Social Media Management: We help you manage your social media channels, updating clients on progress as well as marketing your project.

Real Estate Photography: We provide professional real estate photography to produce high-quality imagery for use in marketing collaterals.

Expos: We also assist in putting together logistics for participating in leading property expos