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The real estate value chain can be complex. You need professionals to hold your hand each step of the way. We have a team of experts in various real estate value chain to guide you along with your real estate investment venture. We have Mortgage Advisors, Architects, Marketers, Attorneys, Surveyors, Appraisers Residential, General Contractors, Landscaping/ Gardeners and Environmental Inspectors.

SMD Associates

Strategic Marketing Consultants

SMD Consulting Associates is a strategic marketing innovation consulting firm based in Nairobi Kenya dedicated to assisting companies, as well as organizations, boost their performance in the marketplace through innovative thinking and proven methodologies. They have over five years’ experience in doing marketing with real estate marketing being their forte.
Mobile: 0748 812 310

Kevin & Associates LLP

Conveyance Lawyers

Kevin & Associates LLP is a full-service medium-sized law firm. They provide distinguished legal services with conveyancing law being one of the leading practices. They stand apart in three key areas, which are – a broader perspective to clients’ issues, innovative application of the law to societal needs and unwavering integrity to clients.
Mobile: 0793 672915


Geo Mapping Solutions Consultants

Mc GIS Kenya Geosystems prides itself in providing clients with quality mapping solutions using state of the art technology. The company offers Cadastral Survey, Engineering Survey, Topographical Survey, Physical Planning & Conveyancing, Digital Photogrammetric Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and GPS Control Survey.
Mobile: 0729 756089